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  /// server 7.6 con cliente propio

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Fecha de inscripción : 20/08/2012

MensajeTema: /// server 7.6 con cliente propio   Lun Ago 20, 2012 8:44 pm

Antes de nada hola

Exp rate x12 150+ Quests. 30-40 New monsters Map created by illusion-OT with 7 citys. (check spoil)

-Added Illusion Official Client [It automatically connects to Illusion, you don't need an IP Changer with this Client, Our client has released 60% of sprites editeds.] -Football system, 4vs4 and 2vs2. -Added new talkactions to check details about the server, new spells, house system, pvp system, FAQ, guides.. -New Wands/Rods, Skull staff, Enchanted staff, Sprite Wand, Crystal Wand. -Added Djinn NPC. -Minimum level to attack another player 35

-New spells/runes from 8.+ like exori frigo, exevo gran mas frigo, exana mort, exori hur, exori san, exevo mas san, utura, utura gran, icicles/avalanches and some more. Runes can be conjured with x10/x25/50x/100x charges, example (adori gran flam dec (x10) adori gran flam + (x25) adori gran flam ++ (x50) adori gran flam cen (x100).

-You can use exori vis/mort/frigo~ away from target. -All the vocations gain more mana/hp when have promotion at lvl up. -Edited the push system. -New private chat chanel for your party members. -Added new quests with special outfits as rewards (Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Hero, Necromancer...etc). -Added new manafluids and lifefluids, this restores more mana/hp than the others (Great mf and Great lf).

And some more!

pagina para cuenta y descarga de el cliente:


Ponerlo todo junto al ser nuevo en el foro no me deja poner links jaja
Os espero a todos por aqui
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/// server 7.6 con cliente propio
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